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6 Mar 2012 

Added text of Mgr. Mark Langham's lecture

Ecumenism: Principles and Practice

This page is  intended to accompany the course by the same name (T01088) at the Gregorian University, Rome .

The Ordo (university prospectus) describes the seminar as follows

A short history of the ecumenical movement will be followed by an examination of the Catholic principles of ecumenism. We will then go on to look at major strands of Christianity and some of the dialogue processes that have taken place, both bilaterally and multilaterally, and what these have achieved. We will then look at practical dimensions and of ecumenism at national, regional and above all local level. Representatives of other traditions will join us to help us in these reflections from time to time.


Introduction to and notes on the course (PDF)

Assessment Notes (PDF) - here you willl find the suggested titles and guidelines if you wish to do an elaboratum, and also a brief note on the oral exam.

As promised the link to the communique from the ARCIC meeting in Hong Kong, May 2012

The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity (PDF)
The text of Mgr. Mark Langham's Lecture of 6 March 2012

It was a great joy to have Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor to speak to us on Ecumenism and ARCIC on Tuesday 3rd May 2011. There is no text of his talk, however much of what he said can be found in the Richard Stuart Memoral Lecture in Autumn 2009.

Useful Websites and Online Resources 

Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity
Includes a profile of the dicastery and documentation. Also on the Vatican Website you can find Unitatis Redintegratio, Ut Unum Sint and the Directory for the Application of the Principles and Norms of Ecumenism

World Council of Churches

Centro Pro Unione
Includes a fairly comprehensive library of dialogue documents. The Centro Pro Unione is next to Sant’Agnese in the Piazza Navonna and has an extensive ecumenical library. Access is from the street behind the church.

Conference of European Churches - the key document on this site is the Charta Oecumenica

National Council of Churches USA Also of particular interset is the fledgling Christian Churches Together in the USA

Churhes Together in England

Bishops Conference of England and Wales Resources
The Dialogue and Unity department of the Bishops Conference produced  The Search for Christian Unity  (PDF), a popular version of DAPNE. Also of interest is the teaching document on sacramental sharing One Bread One Body (PDF)

The Association of Interchurch Families Of particular interest is their 2003 Rome Document (PDF) which is a thoughtful reflection on some of the issues interchurch families face.
An interesting Canadian site – includes a bibliography section.