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February 2013
Updated the page for the new semester

Explorations in the Gospel of Mark

This page is  intended to accompany the seminar by the same name (TSN007) at the Gregorian University, Rome .

The Ordo (university prospectus) describes the seminar as follows

In this seminar we will seek to gain a deeper understanding into the Gospel of Mark. We will study particular texts using literary, narrative, rhetorical and sociological and historical exegetical methods to gain a greater insight into the composition and purpose of the Gospel, and in particular to understand the presentation of Jesus within the Gospel and the message about the Christian life that the author wished to communicate to his audience.


Introduction to the seminar (PDF) - includes the main bibliography.

Signup sheet (PDF) - this tells you (the participants in the seminar that is) who is doing which part of the Gospel and when!

Assignment (PDF) - This gives the assignment detailsand also includes some notes on style and layout.

Mark's Story (PDF) - my own take on the Gospel narrative

I've done a bit of looking through key journals for suitable articles as a starting point. One day I will combine these but in the mean time here they are as a series of seperate documents (PDF format): Review of Biblical Literature (this includes hyperlinks to the web pages, Journal of Biblical Literature, Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Semeia, Journal for the Study of the New Testament .

The Cure of Simon's Mother in Law (PDF)
In 2007 I did an analysis of this text in Mark 1, looking at some feminist responses, which illustrates some interesting questions. This is the sheet I gave to the class.

Mark 3:20-35 - Readings Patristic and Political (PDF)
Notes from a session I delivered to the group in November 2009

I have discovered a useful page of Catholic Church Documents related to Biblical Studies which I will add to my resources list  in my theology pages