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11 February 2010 

Updated the page for the new course.

Paul and the Corinthians

This page is  intended to accompany the seminar by the same name (TSN019) at the Gregorian University, Rome .

The Ordo (university prospectus) describes the seminar as follows

In this seminar we will explore, through detailed examination of the letters to the Corinthians, the interaction between Paul and the community he founded in Corinth and how that relationship and its socio-cultural context contributed to the development and exposition of Paulís theology.


For an introduction to and outline of the seminar, and an introductory bibliography, download or view the the Seminar Notes (PDF)

Here ar the Notes on constructing a biography of St Paul (PDF) to accompany the session of 25 Feb

For a useful, annotated and quite comprehensive list of good online resources for the study of Paul see the New Testament Gateway Paul Pages