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February 2012 

Updated for the second semester

Jesus Christ in Scripture, Culture and Theology

This page is  intended to accompany the seminar by the same name (TST216) at the Gregorian University, Rome .

Material related to the Second Semester seminar.

Outline of the seminar, tasks and bibliography (PDF)

Scripture, Genre, Narrative, History, Truth and the 'Historical Jesus' (PDF)
A short essay I prepared to look at the whole question of the truth of the Scriptures and their portrayal of Jesus

St Anselm's Cur Deus Homo (PDF - extracted from Anslem's Basic Works as found on the CCEL website ). You may also be interested in my notes on the biblical background to the doctrine of atonement (PDF) and the significance of atonement metaphors (PDF)


I have a  page of links to resources useful for the study of theology

The Craft of Theology (TST116) Seminar Notes (PDF)

For those interested in exploring more on aproaches to Scripture the bibliographies from both the Mark seminar and the OT seminar provide ample reading. Just click the tab above, download the notes and look tha page on bibliography.